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Business Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Business Lines of Credit, and more!

There may come a time when you will need extra funds for a major business purchase. Consider using one or more of the following business loan options through Chaco. Our award-winning business lending department offers a variety of business loans to keep you going without missing a step.

Commercial & Business Real Estate Loans

Chaco offers business loans for the purpose of purchasing or refinancing commercial or industrial real estate. We have a staffed expert versed in Small Business Association and other public sector financing options.

Small Business Association (SBA) 7a Loans
This government-backed loan program through the federal department of the Small Business Administration is for the purchase of land and buildings as well as the expansion or conversion of existing facilities.  In addition, the program allows for the purchase of machinery, equipment and inventory as well as long-term working capital loans.

Small Business Association (SBA) 504 Loans
This business loan program is designed to allow for long-term, fixed rate financing on major fixed assets for purchase, expansion or modernization.  The program is co-funded in conjunction with the Certified Development Company (CDC) which is a non-profit corporation set up to contribute to economic business development within its community.

Business Lines of Credit
Need some business funds for a quick turnaround payment? We offer short term business loans for payroll, working capital or short-term payable obligations. A revolving line of credit with Telhio can be an excellent method for financing your business. This gives our member-owned business the peace of mind that additional capital provides.

Business Credit Cards
Click here for information on business credit cards.

*Certain conditions apply. Rate depends on credit worthiness and may be fixed or non-fixed. Qualified borrowers need to apply and meet eligibility and membership qualifications.

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Our Difference is Simple

When it comes to your financial plan, we understand what you need now and more importantly, what you need tomorrow. We are here to help you get the most out of both. Whether just starting out or preparing to retire, we help you become financially prepared and fully informed. At Chaco, we bring you the same expertise and competitive services as other institutions, but with the compassion and genuine care that can only come from being member-owned and operated. From CDs and savings to mortgages and more, we work to keep things simple when it comes to your finances – so you can focus on your life. And that makes a difference.