Financial Peace University starts Sept. 9th

Financial Peace University (FPU) is Dave Ramsey's life-changing program on personal finance. Imagine if you could retire early, pay for a car in cash and live debt free! It's definitely possible and through video teaching, class discussions and interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you've dreamed you could be. It doesn’t matter if you’re up to your eyeballs in debt or you’re completely debt free, this plan will show you how to manage and communicate about money, get rid of debt, spend and save wisely, and much more!  Dave's class will teach you to take control of your money, invest for the future, and give like never before.

Classes meet for an hour and a half each week for 9 weeks; the average family pays off $5300 in debt and saves $2700 in the first 91 days! 

Watch the FPU class preview and get class descriptions

FPU begins September 9th

  • 6:30-8pm
  • every Tuesday Sept. 9 - Nov. 4
  • Cincinnati Christian Schools Junior/Senior High Campus - 7474 Morris Road, Fairfield Township
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  • Chaco is facilitating this course in partnership with Cincinnati Christian Schools
  • Have questions or want more information? Email Jennie at

The Financial Peace Investment

  • $93 plus shipping for the FPU membership kit.  The kit includes: member workbook, budgeting forms, audio CDs with each week’s lesson, Dave’s book, “Complete Guide to Money”, the envelope system and online access to resources you need to succeed during class. One membership with materials can be used by your whole family. You can take additional classes at any time in the future!

Proven Success

  • Chaco has helped 92 families pay-off $534,801.34 non-mortgage debt during class!


  • "We didn't accumulate our debt overnight and we knew we couldn't erase it overnight either. By the end of the class we had eliminated nearly $5,000.00 in debt and we continue to gain more financial freedom with each passing week."
  • “We used to spend money without really thinking of our long term goals...we would just think "Oh, it will work out somehow!" But, now we have a plan in place, with concrete numbers to back it up."
  • "Because of this class, I have paid off all debt except for my home and student loans. In total I was able to pay off over $15,000 in 9 short months by living the motto "Live like no one else, so later you CAN live like no one else." It was tough at times, but I was not willing to give up. I don't lie awake at night anymore worrying about finances."
  • “The cash flow system of allocating dollars to future paychecks is ingenious. You get to tell your money where to go, rather than wondering every month where your money went!" 

About Dave
Dave is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, The Dave Ramsey Show and a New York Times bestselling author of Financial Peace and The Total Money Makeover. Dave knows what it's like to have it all and lose it all. By 26 he had accumulated over $4 million in real estate, had a net worth of more than $1 million and made $250,000 a year. By age 30, he filed bankruptcy and lost it all. Ramsey has rebuilt his financial life based on solid principals of common-sense money management and has gone on to teach more than 1 million people the lessons he learned and how you it is possible to turn around your financial life and become debt free and wealthy! Visit Dave Ramsey's website to learn more about Financial Peace University.

Our Difference is Simple

When it comes to your financial plan, we understand what you need now and more importantly, what you need tomorrow. We are here to help you get the most out of both. Whether just starting out or preparing to retire, we help you become financially prepared and fully informed. At Chaco, we bring you the same expertise and competitive services as other institutions, but with the compassion and genuine care that can only come from being member-owned and operated. From CDs and savings to mortgages and more, we work to keep things simple when it comes to your finances – so you can focus on your life. And that makes a difference.